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Alan Briley is the City Manager of the City of Elephant Butte. The City has a goal to keep all of our residents, business owners, and visitors informed. If you do not see the information you need on this web page, just ask or comment here and we will be glad to respond. This avenue is for people to ask questions about the City through the web page, about various things happening in Elephant Butte. Messages are screened and will be posted back here so that everyone can share in the information.

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Samantha Waggoner   Elephant Butte

2:50pm on Saturday, July 26th, 2014

What are the city and or state codes for pools on private property? In the city limits.

Alan Briley, City Manager:  Ms. Waggoner: The city has only a few rules regarding swimming pools. 1. NM Construction Industries regulates and inspects the actual construction of pools, as we have no city rules regarding construction. But: 2. In order to get a Construction Industries permit, you will need a zoning permit from the city. The zoning permit, to get proper review will need a clear delineation of where the pool will go. From that, the only rules the city has to approve the zoning permit is: a) does the pool meet setbacks - depending on the zoning of the property, the setbacks could be different, and b)there must be a 4' minimum high fence around the area of the pool. It doesn't have to be around the pool, but can be around the entire back yard. i hope this answers your questions.

Martin   Albuquerque

9:50pm on Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

Where is the city dump? What is the fee? Thanks for the response.

Alan Briley, City Manager:  The City of Elephant Butte does not have a dump, nor did it ever have a dump. The Sierra County dump and Truth or Consequences dumps have both closed. Truth or Consequences has a transfer station, where they transport all the area garbage to a landfill in Dona Ana County. They charge $6 minimum and the price goes up to $11.22 for a small truck full, $13.32 for a half ton truck full, and $18.84 for a 3/4 ton pick up full. At least these are the amounts we have on file from their Ordinance 636. Hope this helps.

Kayla   New Mexico

7:47pm on Friday, June 20th, 2014

Are horses allowed at the Butte? Just for the day...

Alan Briley, City Manager:  It depends on what you define as "the Butte". Elephant Butte Lake State Parks is separate from City of Elephant Butte. For information about horses at Elephant Butte Lake State Park - their phone number is 744-5421. If you are asking about keeping horses in the City of Elephant Butte - there is an area zoned that allows horses and other animals. As far as riding them around the City of Elephant Butte - go right ahead - just not on the main highways, as the NMDOT probably has regulations restricting them on their right of way. Contact NMDOT at 505-827-5100. Thank you for the question.

Anomanious   Canada Eh

2:12pm on Thursday, April 17th, 2014

why is your city named elephant butte?

Alan Briley, City Manager:  if you look on the front page of our web site you will see a picture of the "butte". This appears to be a volcanic rock outcropping next to the rio grande river, now in the lake. Some people say the butte looks like an elephant. Looking at the picture, the 'elephant' appears to be looking to the left side of the page, with the trunk and forehead shape in the profile. And the rock formations on the butte, you can make out the ear.... The City took that 'butte' as their namesake and we are now The City of Elephant Butte.

Joaquin   Las Cruces, NM

10:27pm on Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

Do you know where I can find what the current temperature of Elephant Butte Lake please?

Alan Briley, City Manager:  Good question. I have spent some time trying to find out if somewhere in internet land it has that data. So far I have not been able to find it, but when I was out last week it was 53 degrees. Stay tuned and I will try to find out a link.. Thanks for the question - you stumped me.

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In July 1998, the City of Elephant Butte became New Mexico's 101st incorporated community. For over a year preceding the incorporation, a group of aggressive, community-minded citizens completed population census and financial analysis, as well as a surveyed citizen attitudes toward incorporation before the actual vote was held. After incorporation, a solid Mayor and Council form of government has been established. There has been statewide recognition of the Rapid progress in establishing Elephant Butte as a major small community.

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