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Alan Briley is the City Manager of the City of Elephant Butte. The City has a goal to keep all of our residents, business owners, and visitors informed. If you do not see the information you need on this web page, just ask or comment here and we will be glad to respond. This avenue is for people to ask questions about the City through the web page, about various things happening in Elephant Butte. Messages are screened and will be posted back here so that everyone can share in the information.

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confused   butt(e)

11:44am on Friday, February 13th, 2015

according to google maps highway 195 already has a name- Lakeshore Road.

That sounded pretty descriptive to me. It's surprising how many people skipped geography class in school and have no clue as to what a butte actually is.

so changing it a... read more »

Alan Briley, City Manager:  Thank you for your comments. Yes the City Council is aware of the google maps name and other GPS and other maps have names as well. One suggestion is to leave it as it....

Tim Kuzdrowski   12 miles north Of Elephant Butte

11:16am on Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

Has Elephant Butte chose a Name yet for NM 195 ? The sentinel reporting so . True or false

Alan Briley, City Manager:  False - Not officially. The Council was in a workshop last meeting and threw some names around and Butte Blvd stuck and was used in discussion. The City Council will have to officially make a motion and have affirmative action to rename a street. There is a lot to renaming a street with changing maps, emergency dispatch, changing signage; not to mention to have everyone along Highway 195 change all their address information. Long way to say no or False - the name is not officially changed. And new street name signs have not been ordered. Stay tuned - we are still accepting ideas and suggestions for names. There is also a possibility that the Council will elect not to change the street name and leave it Highway 195. Thanks for the question. I did get comments regarding the newspaper and radio article and sent them the same message that I sent here.

Angele Majewicz   City of Elephant Butte

10:48am on Saturday, January 24th, 2015

My suggestion for naming Hwy 195 - Park Avenue and from another person in my household - Main Street

Alan Briley, City Manager:  Thank you for your input - i will add these to the list for Council consideration.

Bruce Morrison   Elephant Butte

3:07pm on Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

I wanted to submit a name for Highway 195 but could not find anyplace to do so. I recommend America Avenue. How do I officially submit this suggestion?

Alan Briley, City Manager:  Thank you for your suggestion. This is an appropriate place to make your suggestions, or our Facebook Page, or coming in and telling us. We have also got suggestions in the mail when they pay their utility bills to the City. Thanks again.

Resident   Elephant butte

5:00am on Monday, September 29th, 2014

What are the ordinance regarding conducting a business from your residential property? If it is pretty obvious that someone is operating a mechanic repair shop from their garage why doesn't the city take action to make sure the property is zoned for... read more »

Alan Briley, City Manager:  Dear Resident - First of all - a disclaimer - when these questions come to me - I am the only one to see them. So if you want to stay anonymous and give addresses - I can edit or redact names, numbers, etc. and you can stay anonymous. You did not give an address, so I cannot be specific on the cases we are working on. But in general - there are Ordinances that do reference businesses from a residential property. Some things are prohibited and some are allowed with a conditional use hearing and permit. There are legal permitted "home garages".. There are some illegal - home garages as well. We have had complaints on some of these in the past few weeks and we are diligently working to shut them down or get compliance of some kind. We need the public to help us with this. We patrol all the streets, but cannot be all places at all times, and we cannot go on private property to 'snoop' around. You can report these and not give your name, but if we cannot catch them or see them, sometimes we have asked neighbors to testify what they see. We understand how neighbors get aggravated and we will investigate all complaints if we have addresses. This is why we require that all home businesses going through permit, have a legal hearing that allows all the neighbors to voice their concerns or at least be notified. We are also concerned about some follow all the rules and pay their taxes, etc, and some don't and it is unfair to all those who follow the rules. And we want to fix that as well... For a generic response, I apologize, with more specific information I might be able to give more detail. Thanks

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SUnsetThe City of Elephant Butte is located immediately west of Elephant Butte Lake State Park, New Mexico's largest lake. The area is in the northern edge of the Chihuahuan desert offering high desert climates with warm days, cool nights and very low humidity levels. A wonderful area for year round outdoor activities including golf and fishing.

In July 1998, the City of Elephant Butte became New Mexico's 101st incorporated community. For over a year preceding the incorporation, a group of aggressive, community-minded citizens completed population census and financial analysis, as well as a surveyed citizen attitudes toward incorporation before the actual vote was held. After incorporation, a solid Mayor and Council form of government has been established. There has been statewide recognition of the Rapid progress in establishing Elephant Butte as a major small community.

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